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With your help, we will double the number of children in Northern Nevada reading at grade level by 3rd grade before 2020 Give and Volunteer

Our Mission, Vision, Goals

Our Mission: What we seek to achieve

"We link the community's will and resources to improve lives."

Our Vision: Why we exist

"Working Together to Build a Better Community."

Advancing the Common Good

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra and our community partners are working to develop long-term solutions in the areas of strengthening families, early learning and development, kindergarten readiness and early literacy, and early grade success.  These are building blocks to success for early readers who are our future high school graduates.  With your help, we can meet our goal of all children reading at grade level.

Our Goal is Bold

Double the number of children in northern Nevada who read proficiently at the conclusion of third grade by 2020.  Read about our work with our Funded Partnerships to achieve this goal.