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With your help, we will double the number of children in Northern Nevada reading at grade level by 3rd grade before 2020 Give and Volunteer

Strengthening Families


Our steps to success with early reading begin with Strengthening Families. It's providing families with the basics -- food and shelter, links to services, free tax preparation, discount medical prescriptions -- a 'safety net' that strengthens families so they can better nurture their child's early learning.

Assisting taxpayers in getting their taxes prepared for free through  The MyFreeTaxes Helpline (1-855-MY-TX-HELP) is now open for operations 10am-10pm Monday-Friday and noon-9pm Saturday. The Helpline will operate according to this schedule through April 18.

Ongoing sponsorship of the Family Estate Planning workshops.

Administering the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to bring food, shelter, rental assistance and other basics to our region.  

See Familywize prescription savings by county on the United Way Map of Action.

Financial Education Handout

Smart Money Habits: Helpful Links and Resources

Why 'Strengthening Families' Matters


To date, Nevadans throughout our region have saved OVER $3.6 million using their Familywize card.

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Linking families to services and information through our outreach support for Nevada 2-1-1.