365 Small Business

Small Business. Big Impact. 

For as little as $1 a day, your business can improve the odds for local children and families, starting with early literacy.

We have created an easy and affordable way for small businesses to make a lasting impact. Being a member aligns your business with United Way and our 75+ year history of bringing people together around the issues that matter most.

"Early literacy is the foundation of a good education throughout life. The better educated our community is, the better we can do as a whole to be safer, healthier, and stronger." - Haley, Owner of Two Chicks and GourMelt, 365 Small Business Member

More reasons to join?

  • Invest in the success of your neighbors

  • Be a leader in the community

  • Increase your business’ visibility

  • Network with other small business owners   

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2018-19 Members:

Beer NV

Evans, Nelson & Company


Sierra Car Care

Two Chicks

Work Law


2018-19 Leadership Members:

Tri-Strategies, LTD

Pony Express Lodge


2018-19 Executive Members:

Drinkwater Eaton Law Offices

MAPCA Surveys

Reno Sportsdome

Questions? Please contact Sarita Delgado at donorengagement@uwnns.org.