2018-2019 Investment Highlights

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for investing in United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra (UWNNS) over this past year. I am excited to share with you this new investment highlight that shows what we have accomplished with the help of your generous support paired with other community members.  We raised $1.3 million and were able to turn it into $2 million worth of impact. That means for every dollar invested by supporters like you, we turn it into $1.70 worth of impact for our community.

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We are focused on building a strong foundation for success for our region’s children by investing in programs that build literacy skills and help prepare children for kindergarten. One of the preschool teachers from the Building Blocks of Literacy program shared:

“As a teacher I get to see the effects of the program on our preschoolers and their families. I have one parent who has extremely benefited from the reading logs. Annabelle is a smiley, spunky 4-year-old. When entering our classroom, the family expressed in their initial meeting that they read a little, but nothing regular, with Annabelle. Since having the reading logs, the family has made reading a daily activity, which has now become a habit. Annabelle’s mom lights up every time she tells me about the books she read with Annabelle or the fun activities they were able to bond over.”

Also, we help provide tools and resources to individuals and families to meet their basic needs. One of those programs is Nevada 2-1-1 that connects individuals to basic need services across the region. One of the call specialists shared this story with us about one of their callers:

“I received a call from a homeless veteran in Nevada. He was single and down on his luck. He was looking for shelter and employment resources. I provided him with resources, and I gave him information about rapid re-housing. He had not heard of this program and was excited to know that there was hope for him to get off the streets. He was so grateful and laughing by the end of our call.”

Your investments into UWNNS’s work makes it possible for us to impact our community, and we look forward to continue working with you to improve lives in northern Nevada.

Thank you for getting involved, changing lives, and living UNITED!

Michael Brazier

CEO and President
United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra


Download our Investment Highlights here!