Nonprofit Capacity Building

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra was pleased to partner with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada in supporting the inaugural Leadership in Evaluative Thinking Institute, presented by Turning Point, Inc.

Described as a 'six-month journey to create a culture of inquiry,' the Institute was attended in 2016-17 by 22 individuals from 11 organizations.  The workshops were facilitated by Deborah Loesch-Griffin, Ph.D. and Jennifer McClendon, Ph.D., of Turning Point, Incorporated, and Abbie Olszewski, Ph.D., School of Medicine, University of Nevada, Reno

This innovative six-month workshop series gave non-profit organizations and their boards and key stakeholders a renewed way of looking at the value in eVALUation—for building organizational capacity and ensuring that their organizational teams stayed vision- and mission-driven while assuring their constituents and funders that they were capable of making positive change happen in their communities. Read more.