Our Work

Our Tenets

Strengthening Families

Family is the foundation to early childhood reading. Food, safety, access to healthcare and education -- it is only after a family's basic needs are addressed, can we begin to accomplish our mission. Strong readers start with a strong family. Strong families produce stronger readers. Read more

Early Learning & Development

Invest in the first five. It's what happens in our first years of life that point us in the right direction. What kind of stage is being set? Sturdy or fragile? 90% of physical brain development happens within the first 5 years of life -- it's an impact for a lifetime. This falls to the family, and we can support them with the tools they need to help a child grow. Read more

Kindergarten Readiness & Early Literacy

Learning takes practice, practice, practice. A child can't be expected to start kindergarten ready to learn if they have not practiced before. This means working through problems. uncovering developmental issues and treating roadblocks before they're expected to start to learn to read. Read more

Early Grade Success

Stay on track now, success in the future. There is a proven link between falling behind in early grades and dropping out of high school. Kindergarten through 3rd grade is when we learn to read -- after that, students should be reading to learn. Supporting tutoring and reading programs can help give parents the support they need to keep their student in school and on track for graduation and beyond. Read more