Food Heroes Needed

Volunteer delivering packaged food to a household.

In the midst of this crisis, individuals and businesses in our community face an uncertain future. A new partnership of nonprofit and corporate organizations strives to maintain human kindness and ensure the most vulnerable in our community have access to prepared meals while preserving job security for restaurant kitchens.

Delivering with Dignity was created as a pilot project to bring high-quality meals directly to the most vulnerable families and seniors in our community who are the safest staying home to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19. This program is intended for people struggling with poverty on a daily basis who are most at risk according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for contracting COVID-19 if they leave their homes, including the elderly, those with underlying medical conditions and their family members living in the same household.

United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra is proud to join with the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, Reno Local Food Group, Moonridge Foundation, and COPIA to help the most vulnerable Northern Nevadans receive prepared meals who otherwise would not have access to food. Culinary workers and local vendors can ensure job security by donating prepared meals to vulnerable individuals. These individuals will no longer need to worry about going to grocery stores or restaurants, as leaving home may have a negative impact on their health and well-being.

Volunteers will support the Delivering with Dignity program, which depends on volunteers making the deeply personal decision to give their time and effort to support the community. Volunteer delivery drivers are the core of the program, picking up food packages from restaurants and delivering them to individuals in need. We need you to help deliver meals to those in need!

Volunteer shifts will begin at a select restaurant and include 5 to 7 food deliveries throughout Reno and Sparks, with all routing information provided through the COPIA app. 

Interested Volunteers:

  • Must NOT be in the "at-risk" group as defined by CDC guidelines for COVID-19
  • Must be currently employed, on laid-off status, a student fulfilling internship requirements, or actively involved with community organizations - if you have questions about qualifying, please email
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Must have an automobile with current automobile insurance
  • Will not be provided gas reimbursement. However, we are all incredibly grateful for your selflessness and humanity!
  • Must be 18 or older - do not bring children along for the ride
  • Cape, leotard, and tights optional!

Please find more information and available volunteers shifts by clicking below.