About Us

Since 1942, United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra (UWNNS) is investing in our 13-county region by bringing people together to give, advocate, and volunteer.





Unite communities to improve lives.



Our vision is to create opportunities for children, families, and individuals to realize their full potential.

UWNNS is a “Collective Impact” organization committed to listening to our northern Nevada community. We believe that it takes the entire community to make change happen, and when we come together to put our resources to work, we can solve our most pressing issues and create opportunities for a better life for all. 

Our organization serves a unique role, providing a place where local nonprofits, businesses, elected officials, and community members who are passionate about an issue can come together and explore solutions on behalf of the community. With our partnerships, we look for lasting solutions, raise awareness surrounding our most pressing issues, and promote social and policy change to help strengthen northern Nevada families.  


Growth Mindset: We lead with a growth mindset. We are focused on constant improvement and expanding our impact in our community. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every individual, and we engage them in finding sustainable solutions to social issues in northern Nevada. We are committed to being an equity-focused organization and disrupting disparities that exist in our community. 

Integrity and Transparency: We hold ourselves to high ethical and moral standards in conducting UWNNS's business. We are committed to being diligent stewards of the resources invested by our donors in our efforts. We will conduct ourselves with the highest integrity while ensuring transparency in our actions and decisions. 

Innovation and Adaptability: We relentlessly pursue innovative solutions to our community's most pressing issues and adapt to changing conditions in our communities. We aren’t afraid to think creatively to solve a problem. 

Collaboration: We convene and lead our community to solve our community's most pressing issues. 

Gratitude: We show authentic appreciation of our supporters and each other. UWNNS is about the people.